Monday, May 24, 2010

Touch Technologies Short Course

Mon. May 24. I had the chance to sit in on part of Geoff Walker's short course on "The Fundamentals of Touch Technologies and Applications" yesterday. Geoff is Marketing Evangelist and Industry Guru (yup, that's his actual title) for NextWindow, and an occasional writer and guest editor for Information Display.

The room was filled for Geoff's fascinating, fast-paced, and information-packed session, which covered both mainstream and emerging touch technologies. Geoff explained how each technology worked--from analog resistive to optical waveguide infrared and much more--and discussed the pros and cons of each, as well as which companies are pursuing which technologies. The idea to keep in mind, he stated more than once during the presentation, is that "there is no perfect touch technology."

If you'd like to see what companies the world over are doing to meet the above challenge, come to Display Week 2010's exhibition, which opens Tuesday, May 25. During his presentation, Geoff noted that 71 exhibitors with some connection to the touch industry will be on hand at Display Week this year. "This is THE place to go for touch. It's amazing," he said.

--J. Donelan

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