Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LEDs vs. CCFLs

If you follow displays at all, you know that LEDs are taking over from CCFLs when it comes to backlighting. But there's still life in the old cold cathode fluorescent lamp yet. For one, many industrial and medical clients must have every piece of equipment they use certified, and changing the backlighting of a display module would very likely necessitate recertification. Consequently, a number of these companies are sticking with their CCFLs for the time being.

Second, there are shortages in some areas of the LED market, notes Scott Barney, director of sales and marketing for Endicott Research Group, which makes both LED and CCFL backlighting systems for major panel manufacturers. Some of those manufacturers are waiting for LEDs in order to roll out their next LED-backlit products, he explains.

Still, for the most part, LEDs are definitely the backlighting technology of choice for LCDs these days. And not all LEDs are facing shortages, notes Brett Shriver, director of sales for Global Lighting Technologies. It depends on the type and the package, he explains. -- J. Donelan

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