Thursday, May 27, 2010

Strong Showing at Display Week

Thur. May 27. Today is the last day of the exhibition at Display Week in Seattle, but the activities continue tomorrow with Symposium sessions on oxide TFTs, emerging display applications, digital signage, and much more.

By all accounts, attendance at this year's show is way up over last year's event, which took place in San Antonio during the economic downturn. The official figures aren't in yet, but the number is well above 5,000. Traffic on the exhibition floor is brisk, and there is simply a kind of buzz in the air. For more specifics, see analyst Chris Chinnock's Display Daily column on the show, "Display Week Opens with a Bang."

I was also excited to see that former PC Magazine Editor in Chief (now senior vice president for technology strategy at Ziff Brothers Investments) Michael Miller has been blogging the show, with some interesting comments about 3D in particular.

Here are two comments I heard by chance this week that sum up things nicely:

"Everything is happening with displays." -- overheard on the show floor, from a speaker who had apparently never been to SID before.

"It's a small show [compared to CES] but there is so much here!" -- overheard in the press room, from a long-time computer journalist.

--J. Donelan

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