Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mission-Critical OLEDs

Tue. May 24. It’s great to be back to my favorite symposium. As always, my first order of business is to see the latest virtual imaging microdisplays from eMagin. Today I saw the fruits of folks like Dr. Amal Ghosh, Olivier Prache, and so many others, and it was good! Congratulations to founder Gary Jones and all the dedicated people of eMagin for carving out a niche in the OLED market that is probably unprecedented for a USA display manufacturer.

No doubt OLED is here to stay. With more than 35 years of research and billions of dollars spent, I would expect to see OLEDs exceeding LCDs beyond the niche of micros and into the realm of direct view. Sure a direct-view OLED display is pretty; perhaps even awesome, and consumers should be screaming for this technology. But as a designer of display systems for both aircraft/ground vehicles, “pretty” doesn’t seem to show up in customer specifications or requirements. So I’m here on a mission to see how things stack up for direct-view OLEDs.

-- Michael Moyer, Director of Engineering for IEE in Van Nuys, CA

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