Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Clever Idea for Inexpensive 3D

Syndiant is a company that makes tiny LCoS imagers for use in pocket projectors. In order to demonstrate its products for potential customers, it has built some prototype projectors that are about the size of a typical smart phone. In preparation for this year’s SID exhibit, the company wanted to show a 3D display, but without spending much money on the project. One of the engineers answered the challenge.

He took two of the prototype projectors and put polarizing film in each. He then taped the two together, using some thin metal shims. The two images were precisely aligned and projected onto a silver screen. Using standard passive 3D glasses – like you wear at the local cinema – you can see a 3D image from anywhere in the room. It’s a clever demonstration, and it would be relatively easy to put both imagers in a single box, splitting the light into two streams that are then recombined optically and sent on to the screen. The result would be a pocket projector that shows 3D images that could be made for $500 or less. -- Alfred Poor, HDTVprofessor.com

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